2022 Films

The Blessed Kente

During a family gathering Debare finds a beautiful Kente, that he’s never seen before. He asks his grandmother, Amobi where this Kente came from. She explains that the Igbo goddess, Alusi gave her vison and warned her that his life was in danger.


Erin is a middle schooler who constantly compares herself to Maya, her older sister. In Erin’s eyes, Maya has everything; she is the perfect girl, everything that Erin isn’t. However, in one night Erin learns that Maya may not be as perfect as she thinks she is.

Chicken Fried the Movie 2

A man steals another mans things… How far will he go to get them back?

The Dublin Pianist

“The Dublin Pianist” follows Javier Alcaraz, a street performer from Spain, as he tries to make a life for himself in Dublin, Ireland, doing what he loves most: playing the keys for all to hear.

Dust on the Lens

Casual Mules Productions is pleased to bring you a modern twist on the classic Western. A clean-cut angelic baby-faced hero bravely faces off with a scruffy toothpick-wielding villain. Two rocks, the circle of life. A graceful dance ensues between the two parties until the final shot ripples through the vast wilderness, granting one cowboy the prize of life.


Greenwood Cemetery means different things to various people but this short film takes a look at what a cemetery can represent in a bigger context.


Mair (verb) means to live, to persist, to exist, to keep, to continue, and to last in Irish. Mair is an experimental documentary consisting of short stories of people visiting three independent bookshops in Dublin.

The Modern Ulysses

“The Modern Ulysses”, attempts to recreate the famed novel’s freewheeling experimentation, tonal acrobatics, and rough-hewn farcical humor in a contemporary cinematic form.

Pinta De Caleta

A glimpse into the story of two Latino immigrant brothers during a car ride after the younger one just arrived to the US.


A family faces a difficult farewell after breakfast one morning.


A testament to the value of experiential learning from the perspective of children and families using the COVID-19 pandemic to reconnect with their community and environment.

Who Am I?

Following a poetic and experimental style, Who am I? asks two questions to five students at Lafayette College; Who are you and What are you curious about in your life right now? The film showcases the juxtaposing and similar view on how people think who they are and the way they think, as well as how difficult it is to define ourselves. While some students are able to define themselves eventually, some don’t know what defines them.

First Peak Film Festival recognized a variety of screened films for their achievements in filmmaking. The jury thoughtfully went through each screened film and selected winners. The audience in attendance was also given the opportunity to vote for their favorite film each night. The award winners were presented a certificate along with a plaque to honor their accomplishments.


  • Best Fiction: Bombshell
  • Best Documentary: Mair 
  • Best Director: Maggie Mustion, Arielle Weinberger, Mallory Goldsmith for Bombshell
  • Best Sound: The Modern Ulysses
  • Best Editing: Unfinished 
  • Best Cinematography: Dust on the Lens
  • Best Lead Actor: Larissa Dowling in Bombshell
  • Best Supporting Actor: Evelyn Carlin in Bombshell
  • Best Performance: Jonathan Mindiak in Chicken Fried the Movie 2
  • Day 1 Audience Award: Mair
  • Day 2 Audience Award: Dust on the Lens